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     Specialized Supports and Services, Inc. was founded in October 1996, with the belief that each person has the right to live, learn, work, and grow in the mainstream of community life.  The company’s philosophy is person-centered and seeks to empower each individual served by focusing on their individual needs rather than on an abstract model of how services should be delivered.  Working together in a cooperative partnership between private and public sectors, Specialized Supports and Services, Inc. is able to successfully provide quality services which benefit consumers, their families and the community.  Our program philosophy includes the following components:


Excellence in Services…

Providing persons with disabilities high-quality services in community-integrated settings is one of the highest priorities of Specialized Supports and Services, Inc. We are committed to utilizing a service delivery system that facilitates choice and empowerment for each individual.  Additionally, Specialized Supports and Services, Inc. works closely with parents, advocacy organizations, support coordinators, and other area medwaiver providers to develop and implement a complete program of care and training. This efficiency ensures that all of our consumers have access to the highest quality services, which in turn enables them to increase their independence and more readily achieve their individual goals.


Caring for Individuals…

Specialized Supports and Services, Inc. recognizes the importance of maintaining the family unit, the fact that each and every person served is a uniquely gifted individual, and the need for each person in our society to have a strong sense of belonging.  Through its experience in delivering high quality services for people of varying levels of disabilities, Specialized Supports and Services, Inc. provides a professional and caring commitment to each consumer and his or her family.


Quality of Staff…

Specialized Supports and Services, Inc. demands high standards of performance from each of its employees. Each employee receives task-related continuing education in order to maintain these high standards. The company’s philosophy inspires staff by providing them with a greater sense of purpose and determination in their work.  Each Specialized Supports and Services, Inc.  staff member knows that they are making a real contribution to people with disabilities by training and assisting them to live full and active lives in their own home or in the community.

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